How to install the clouds and stars of Battlescars Windlights?

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Hello people!!! , this time I will show you step by step how to install my new clouds and stars that I will be putting on sale soon.

This example that I am going to show you is from the Firestorm viewer & Black Dragon

***NEW!!! (The Stars Colony 1.0 - Compatible with Firestorm and NOW with BlackDragon Viewer!! :D !!!!!

1. Once you buy the stars or clouds in marketplace and download the file, you should look for this route.

- C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64\app_settings\windlight\clouds  (FOR Windows)

NEW- Black Dragon
Important!!!! you must update the viewer to your most recent update. Here:

- C:\Program Files\Black Dragon\app_settings\windlight

2.  Copy the TGA texture in the folder that says CLOUDS - FIRESTORM
2.  Copy the TGA texture in the folder that says WINDLIGHT - BLACK DRAGON

For Mac: Thank you so much to Skippy Beresford for help with the indications and explain it so simply, Hugsss broPizz ♥

Go to the Applications folder and find the Firestorm Application (e.g. Firestorm-Release64).

Control-Click to pull up a menu which lists “Show Package Contents”. Click on this.

From there, a window will pop up with a “Contents” folder. Double Click to open that folder. You’ll find a “Resources” folder. Open that folder.

Within that folder, you’ll find an “app_settings” folder. Open that folder. Within that folder, you’ll find a “windlight” folder. Open that folder. You’ll find the “clouds” folder there. Add the new Stars tga file here.

(For Windows Firestorm)

3. Activate the stars or clouds in the viewer that you use. 

For Firestorm 
*Choose the option with the name of the cloud or star you want to use.

- Preferences / Firestorm / Windlight  - Cloud Texture 

***ONLY FIRESTORM-  Every time you want to use a different cloud or star you will have to repeat this process by restarting the viewer. (Even to put the default cloud in the viewer) 



NEW For Black Dragon: You can change it without restarting the viewer, and you can find it in Sky Editor: Clouds / Cloud Noise Image

And that's it, remember that BattleScars Windlights ® obtained the copyright, so any product obtained in the store can not be shared to other users. Otherwise it will be reported to LL automatically.

Thank you so so muchhhh!!  to all for supporting my product, any questions or problems, you can contact me via facebook page , flickr or via inworld (only notecard). 

- ID Second Life: JayNathan
- Flickr:

Hugs!! ♥

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