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Song:  Kygo - Stranger Things (feat. OneRepublic)

Hat: Vango. Wyatt Hat 
Sweater: etham - Ian Sweater (Past edition Man Cave) 
Jeans: AITUI - Ripped Jeans

Piano:[ zerkalo ] Grand Piano - Adult NEW (Kustom9) InWorld 
Umbrella: 8f8 - Once Broken and Forgotten - Caught In The Moment  InWorld
Violin: MadPea Cursed Collection - Violin InWorld
Violin Case: MadPea Hoodlums' Hideout  - Violin Case Black InWorld
Buld hanging and floor: 7 - Hanging Bulb -Triple InWorld InWorld
Branch: [we're CLOSED] branch bare InWorld
Heater: 7 - Mini Hot Box Heater NEW InWorld
Building: 8f8 - Once Broken and Forgotten - Behind My Walls - SEASONAL InWorld

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